What is party?
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The Tupperware Party Concept of Selling.
From a historic perspective, Tupperware Parties have always formed the backbone of Tupperware’s culture. Despite different cultures and development stages, Tupperware parties have served as the engine, fuel and dynamism in creating vigorous international growth.
Tupperware wasn’t the first direct-sale product, but it was arguably the best.
 While Tupperware products languished on department store shelves, eccentric inventor Earl Silas Tupper sought a new way to market and sell his durable plastic storage containers. He found the sales revolution he was looking for in trailblazing businesswoman Brownie Wise. She led the company from obscurity to million in sales through a remarkable innovation: the Tupperware home party.
A Tupperware party was simply a demonstration conducted by a dealer for a host who invited friends and neighbors to her home. This gave buyers a chance to experience the products in a friendly setting and the demonstrator a chance to explain the benefits.
Since the first home party plan first was held in 1948, Tupperware parties took the business world by storm, raking in millions, much to the delight of Tupper who stopped selling his products in shops entirely and had made 40-year-old Wise head of home sales.
Wise’s idea to sell Tupperware exclusively through feminized, in-home parties sparked a cultural revolution in post-World War ll America. For the first time, minimally educated and economically invisible housewives had opportunities for careers.