Corporate Social Responsibility


When DuPont chemist Earl Tupper first transformed environmentally-unfriendly petroleum waste by-products into reusable, eco-friendly plastic-like material in the early 1940s, he probably would have had little idea of the revolution he would set in process! Made from 100% virgin food grade virgin plastic, all Tupperware products come with Lifetime Warranty and if returned are not dumped into the plastic dump but instead are reused to make non-food items such as plant pots and pipes. This way there is no harm to the environment.

The Heart of Tupperware Brands

A responsible corporate, Tupperware adds value to the society in which it operates by actively partnering NGOs to uplift children and underprivileged women. It's a company with heart. And that is reflected in our Sustainability mission statement:

"We understand that what we do today matters tomorrow and our policies, practices and philosophies support our commitment to social investment, environmental responsibility, quality innovation and the empowerment and education of women and girls."

Tupperware believes in helping the under- privileged women and adolescent girls as well as children of low income group. Tupperware, through its Chain of Confidence Campaign works towards bettering the lives of many women by giving them the confidence to live with respect in the society and becoming independent.

This campaign is committed towards making a difference in lives of all women and girls through enlightening, educating and empowering them. Partnering with Literacy India, Gurgaon is an initiative in this direction.

Tupperware also supports World Vision, an NGO for underprivileged children in Bangalore. Through World Vision, Tupperware is sponsoring 25 children, including 7 children with hearing impairment, 3 polio-affected children and 10 economically challenged children. Such valuable support transforms lives and ensures life in all its fullness to poor children

Money from the proceeds of each sale of Tupperware Kit goes towards this noble cause.

Another Social Initiative is the Tupperware Charitable Dispensary in Gurgaon, managed by Quota International, an NGO. Quota International is an International Service Organization working towards serving the underprivileged sections of the society. It is more than 80 years old and has more than 8000 members in 14 countries.

In India, Quota International, among various projects, runs a charitable dispensary supported by Tupperware India. The dispensary situated in Gurgaon (Haryana) provides medical services and free medicines to underprivileged people living in the nearby areas.