Where can I buy Tupperware products from ?

Tupperware products are sold through our distributors. Find your nearest distributor here or call our toll free number at 1800-103-6678 to know more.

How do I find the nearest distributor to me ?

You can check the Locate link on the website or else sms “TUP “ to 56070 and we will guide you to the nearest distributor.

Are Tupperware products covered under life time Guarantee ?

Yes, Tupperware products come with a life time guarantee .Most Tupperware products are guaranteed to perform under normal domestic use for the life time of the product.

The only products not covered by the life time guarantee are those few items which come under Quality guarantee with the “Q” symbol- these products however are still guaranteed to be free of manufacturing defects. Current products under this category are Vegetable Peeler , Ice cream Scoop ., Kit bags , water dispenser tap etc.

What is covered by Lifetime Guarantee

Manufacturing quality issues like warping , stress cracking , peeling , splitting and any specific functional issues in normal non- commercial use are covered by life time guarantee .

Melamine products are covered for a guarantee of 7 years only.

What is not covered by our life time guarantee ?

Product handling and usage issues like scratching , staining , melting on exposure to hot plate or excess heat burning , blistering in microwave ,impact damage by knocking /hitting by hard objects , rusting ,insect bite /dust mite .

Breakage of products due to mishandling or accidental drop on the floor

Decorative printing , scale printing , bags, straps , pouches etc are not covered by life time guarantee.

What is the replacement policy on account of the non availability of any product or a specific color

If due to non – availability , particular color of a part in the original product cannot be provided we will provide a matching color. If we cannot find a matching color , the customer will be requested to give back all the parts of the old product and have a new product of same design but in new color .

If due to unavailability , a replacement product cannot be provided Tupperware will gladly provide a comparable product in volume or a full credit to the value if the last recommended retail price of that item

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